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‘21 miles on the odometer’: Another Cyberbeast owner says premium Tesla suffered critical error right after purchase

The car suggested getting in and out could fix the problem.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Apr 4, 2024

A Tesla Cyberbeast owner said he couldn’t restart his truck after driving it just 21 miles, sharing his issue on X on Wednesday.

“Hey @elonmusk—just picked up my @Tesla CyberBeast,” posted @bradybd over pictures of his dashboard screen showing a “pull over safely” warning. “Drove five miles, parked, and now it won’t drive. Only 21 miles on the odometer. What gives?”

Another photo of the dashboard screen showed warnings that the cabin climate control system in the car needed service and that a “low voltage electrical system issue” had been detected, warning that vehicle power was reduced and service would need to be scheduled to fix the problem.

The Tesla Cyberbeast is part of a premium edition of the Tesla Cybertruck, which sells for around $100,000, according to InsideEV.

@bradybd’s post set off a fair bit of ribbing from other posters who have pointed to other technical problems with the trucks that owners have shared online.

“Don’t they have an average life span of about 20 miles?” asked @itsjustmarky. “Seems you did all right with that one extra mile you got in.”

Last weekend, a YouTuber documented his problems with a Cyberbeast model truck almost immediately after he drove it off the lot

“It broke not even 6 inches off the lot,” the YouTuber said in a video he posted, forcing him to pull over about five times within the first 40 miles of driving the truck.

“There’s way too many of these posts for a few thousand deliveries so far,” posted @ChristianMahler.

“Definitely appears to be some QC issues,” acknowledged @bradybd.

Other posters mocked the suggestion on the truck’s dashboard screen that “entering and re-entering [the] vehicle” might fix one of the errors that triggered a “PULL OVER IMMEDIATELY – Unable to drive” warning.

“Lol i’d flip my wig if my car said ‘idk maybe try getting out and then back in again???’” posted @intelSEBASTIAN.

“Have to admit it made me laugh,” @bradybd replied.

“Anything happen when you tried that?” asked @byrons_bear.

“No difference,” @bradybd reported, despite trying it “about 12 times.”

Posters also traded suggestions about what the issue could be, including charging issues for new cars, a rear drive unit failure, or battery connection issues with the engine.

But other posters thought the problem might lie somewhere else.

“Sadly, the problem is that you bought a Tesla Cybertruck,” concluded @StefanGreybeard.

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*First Published: Apr 4, 2024, 5:04 pm CDT