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The best monthly subscription gifts

These are literally the gifts that keep on giving.


AJ Dellinger


Curated subscription boxes are the perfect gift. All you have to know is a single thing about a person and you can find a box that will make them happy. You’re basically paying a company to be thoughtful for you and the gifts last long after the holiday so the recipient gets a monthly reminder of how great you are.

Here are the best curation-in-a-box subscription services that you should gift this holiday seasons and who you should give them to.

Plated (Starts at $48/month)

The worst part of cooking is the shopping. It’s the extra time spent walking up and down the aisles looking for the right ingredients that makes people throw their hands up in defeat and say, “Screw it, we’re eating out tonight.” Plated is the solution to the problem, sending ready-to-cook ingredients and gourmet recipes to straight to the doorstep. There’s a selection of recipes to choose from or the decision can be left up to Plated. Regardless, the end result is a meal good enough for a chef served up in 30 minutes or less.

Buy for: Carl, your cubicle buddy who always talks about how he wishes he and his wife stayed in and cooked together every now and then.

BirchBox (Starts at $10/month)


Making sense of makeup basically requires a degree in chemistry and experimenting to find the right product makes for an expensive trial-and-error process. BirchBox makes you feel less like a lab rat and more like high-quality cosmetics connoisseur. The BirchBox experience is tailored to the preferences of its recipient, determined by beauty profile. Samples of skincare items, perfumes, and organic beauty products show up every month, giving subscribers an opportunity to try out cosmetics that suit their needs. And there are boxes for men as well.

Buy for: Samantha, your cousin who always talks about how hard it is to find a blush that doesn’t irritate her sensitive skin.

Bespoke Post ($45/month)

Bespoke Post is touted as “Amazon meets GQ.” It’s like getting a Don Draper starter kit in the mail every month. The curators are focused on finding the best gear for guys. Instead of bringing the standard fare of grooming supplies, Bespoke Post searches out small-batch items that you won’t find in the aisles of a drug store. The boxes feature themes ranging from hair care to shoes. It aims to make subscribers feel more comfortable from head to toe.

Buy for: Andrew, your 20-something cousin who starts every conversation with, “I read this article in Esquire…”

BarkBox ($29/month)


For some people, there is no greater gift than seeing their child happy. It just happens that sometimes that child has four legs and is covered in fur. BarkBox is a curated package that is for the owner as much as it is for the dog. All-natural treats, pup-approved toys, and hygiene products highlight the box’s offerings. For the dog who has torn through every toy and taste-tested every treat available from the big box stores, the paw-picked crate from BarkBox will bring a dog day afternoon every month.

Buy for: Susan and her pomeranian that she’s always telling stories about. You’ve seen pictures. He is very cute and a good dog.

Treatsie ($12/month)

You know the aroma that hits you the moment you open the doors to a gourmet chocolate shop, the one that makes your mouth water and gives you an immediate craving for something sweet? That’s the same smell that’ll waft out of the Treatsie box every month. The curators of Treatsie don’t just pack in every piece of sugary sweet available—they bring the best bits of deliciousness they can find, made by professional chefs and independent businesses from around the U.S.

Buy for: Mike, the HR rep who keeps a bowl of old candy in his office.

Love with Food ($12/month)

Love with Food is a box for people who are both conscious of their health and have a social conscience. The service delivers a package of organic and all-natural snacks that make it easy to eat without feeling guilty about it. There’s no need to read every label in the grocery store to find a munchie to get you through the day. For every box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to a food bank to fight poverty and childhood hunger.

Buy for: Steven, the accounts manager who rotates between talking about his time with the Peace Corps and the utility of kale.

PashPack ($47/month)


You may want to be sure you don’t misread your relationship with the person you get PashPack for. This box delivers an extra bit of passion every month so you can take it straight from the mailbox to the bedroom. Designed to provide some spice, each package contains something new to introduce in the bedroom, from toys and accessories to lotions and oils. It’s a great gift for the friend who isn’t shy—and PashPack will give them plenty to talk about.

Buy for: Tom and Oliva. You saw how those two were grinding on the dance floor at last year’s holiday party. Couple of freaks, those two.

Boxerfy ($27/month)

Underwear doesn’t have to be a purely utilitarian piece of clothing. They can be comfortable, high-quality, and—dare we say—sexy. That’s where Boxerfy comes in. The “boxers in a box” might sound silly, but the recipient won’t think so when they feel the silky smooth material on their legs. Boxerfy aims to find the best pair of boxers available, as determined by a panel of women who definitely know best. And who’s to say you can’t gift a pair to a lady in your life? Women can wear boxers, too. Comfortable underwear is for everyone.

Buy for: Jeff, the guy who is constantly adjusting his pants in the middle of a conversation like no one can see it. We all see it, Jeff. You are not discreet.

Club W

Good wines come from all over the globe. With a subscription to Club W, your front door opens up to the world’s finest vineyards. By eliminating the middle man and working directly with winemakers, Club W is able to provide quality wines at a significant discount. Recipients of Club W’s curated offerings often wind up with bottles of wine that retail for more than the subscription price. It’s the perfect gift to give to help cope with the holiday season.

Buy for: You. You deserve it.

Misto Box ($19/month)


Whether it’s to wake up in the morning, get a boost of energy in the afternoon, or a little shot at night to come down easy from all the caffeine during the day, there is never a bad time for coffee. MistoBox sends out the best beans they can find, expertly roasted and ready for brewing. Each month brings four unique blends and a variety of tastes and flavors that you’d be hard-pressed to find at your local grocery store.

Buy for: Me. Let’s be friends and you buy me this. 

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