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The Taylor Swift psy-op to elect Biden is now the Taylor Swift psy-op to oust Biden

‘More election interference by the Democrats.’


Mikael Thalen


Supporters of former President Donald Trump are patting themselves on the back after claiming that the conspiracy theory tying pop star Taylor Swift to a U.S. military “psyop” and the 2024 election has been proven true.

The celebration began after the media outlet Semafor reported on Sunday that “a pair of well-connected Democrats” have been attempting to pave the way for a “blitz primary” that would see President Joe Biden step down.

A proposal sent by the duo to Democratic donors suggested that after finding the six most popular potential candidates, delegates would vote for who they believe should run for the presidency ahead of the Democratic convention in August.

Yet one part of the proposal caught the attention of conspiracy theorists: Particularly, the suggestion that “cultural icons” such as Oprah Winfrey, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Swift moderate weekly forums with each candidate to help raise their profile across the country.

The reporting was immediately seen by many on the right as vindication of their belief that Swift has been part of a secret government plan to stop Trump.

Far-right influencers who spread the Swift conspiracy theory highlighted Semafor’s reporting on Monday.

“And there it is,” wrote one.

Others responded by stating that the allegations regarding Swift were just the latest conspiracy theory to be proven true.

Some even went as far as to refer to the proposal as evidence of “election interference.”

“More election interference by the Democrats. The reason they want to do this is so that Trump doesn’t have a fixed target for his political strategy,” another added. “Everything the Democrats do is a scam.”

Some even apologized for not believing it.

“Well I guess all that anger you received even from our own side about Taylor Swift was misplaced. You were right all along,” wrote one account to a prominent conspiracy pusher.

But despite their insistence, it only proves conspiracies are what you make of it. For starters, the proposal is just that: a proposal. Although rumors are swirling, Biden thus far has made no public indication that he plans to step down.

And for months, the hoopla around Swift focused on her helping Biden win, not aiding in his downfall. Conspiracy theorists are claiming success on something they never claimed at all.

Swift most likely will be on tour during the so-called blitz primary and it doesn’t appear she has been approached to partake.

“Like, Taylor Swift is gonna cancel a global tour to moderate a Democrat blitz primary debate!” noted one person. “Hilarious.”

But Swift has been a target of conspiracy theories for some time now, especially following her endorsement of Biden in 2020.

Earlier this year, Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed without evidence that Swift must be working for the Pentagon after she encouraged her fans to vote.

As revealed in February, a poll found that an astonishing 83% of those who believe in the Swift conspiracy are likely to support Trump in the election.

Swift has become such a pariah among conservatives that Trump even received backlash late last month for calling the singer “beautiful.”

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