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Conservative Dad’s ‘Real Women of America’ pin-up calendar divides the online right

It's Trad vs. Rad on the conservative pin-up circuit.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Dec 28, 2023

A ‘Real Women of America’ calendar promising “the most beautiful conservative women in America” sold by an anti-woke beer company called Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right is dividing the online right over whether the pictures in the calendar are scandalous or not. 

The calendar features pin-up shots of conservative influencers like talk radio host and former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales, and Riley Gaines, a former college swimmer turned anti-trans women in sports activist.

Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right says that 10% of the calendar’s sales will go to the Riley Gaines Center to “protect womens sports from extreme leftist ideology seeking to destroy real women.”

So, what is Conservative Dad’s? It claims to be a “100% Woke Free” lifestyle brand that claims to sell beer branded Ultra-Right Beer, which is 50% off now for $9.95 per 6-pack. It was launched in response to the anti-Bud Light backlash on the right in the spring of 2023 over a small advertising post the company made with Dylan Mulvaney.

“Look for fun non-woke messages throughout the calendar!” says the calendar’s product page, where the calendar is going for $25.00. “100% MADE IN AMERICA!”

Conservative influencers online debated whether the calendar was respectable or not, given that it featured bikini pictures and other mildly risque pin-up tropes.

“I’m not a prude or puritan,” said Lauren Chen, a BlazeTV host and Turning Point USA contributor. “[A] lot of the images in the calendar are totally normal. But come on if you specifically want to see women in bikinis at least be real and admit it’s because you’re lustful, and promoting that is not conservative.”

Others called the calendar an attempt to prostitute women in the conservative movement.

“It’s ‘anti-woke’ and ‘conservative’ to dress women up skimpy outfits in sexually suggestive poses, essentially prostituting them to sell beer and fund political battles,” said @_kruptos. “If this is ‘conservatism’ can we just admit it’s an empty concept in America?  There is no such thing.”

But some pushed back on the idea that the calendar was a big deal.

“The outrage over the tacky conservative dad calendar proves that the chief enemy for some conservative women is male sexuality,” wrote Scott Greer, a racist podcast host who used to be an editor for the Daily Caller. “There is a reason why so many of them marry closet cases. Guys have been buying calendars like that for generations. It’s not the worst thing in the world.”

“Ugh… Heterosexuality is good actually,” said @FromKulak in a post defending the calendar.

“The movement conservative doesn’t want a world without a tyrannical priest class… they just want to replace the femminist-nuerotic-flamboyant priest class with their own alliance of the bowtied, resentful, and closeted,” she wrote in a long post which claimed that movement conservatives were part of a plot to abuse “White kids and heterosexual males… right up until the second they set off the Israel lobby.”

“In place of the shrill fat feminist you will have a Lindsey Graham to regulate your every socio/sexual/professional interaction and direct the public schools in their perversion of your kids..” @FromKulak said, adding that “[Americans] want the 80s back… Make men horny in life instead of online.”

Some posters commented on how the debate encapsulated a division in the organized conservative movement on what type of values it wants to defend.

“I suppose this is a fight over what ‘conservative’ means, which I don’t care for,” said @zero3846. “I just know there’s religious conservatives, and there’s the newer conservative liberalism.”

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2023, 11:16 am CST