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Dirty Delete: Christina Pushaw thinks it’s her job to ‘drag’ people online

She’s tweeted an astonishing 67,000 times for an average of 80 times a day.


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Christina Pushaw lives to drag people online.

As first the press secretary and now the director of rapid response for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) flailing presidential campaign, Pushaw spends much of her time going after anyone who doesn’t exclusively praise her boss.

There’s hardly a reporter in Florida who hasn’t been on the receiving end of one of her Twitter tirades.

Twitter once suspended Pushaw for “abusive behavior” towards an Associated Press reporter who dared report that one of DeSantis’ top donors was also an investor in the company that makes Regeneron, the COVID-19 drug that the governor was then touting.

Around the time DeSantis hired her in 2021, Pushaw wiped all her tweets. She also deleted her LinkedIn account, Facebook page, and website—though an archive of her website remains.

An archive of her Twitter account from that March shows that there were close to 3,000 tweets in the deleted cache.

She came in like a wrecking ball when she started afresh on Twitter (or are we calling it X now—and if so, why?) on May 6, 2021.

In the roughly 800 days since then, she’s tweeted an astonishing 67,000 times for an average of 80 times a day. Along the way she developed a reputation for being caustic and relentless. It doesn’t help that there are legions of trolls who obediently attack anyone she targets.

Pushaw doesn’t take as kindly to people attacking her, however. In a since-deleted tweet, she claimed to have sued Rebekah Jones, the data analyst who accused the DeSantis administration of falsifying the number of COVID deaths, for smearing her online.

Dirtiest Delete

Pushaw’s Twitter fingers do get burnt sometimes. She deleted a tweet urging people to “drag” a reporter. She also deleted one supposedly sarcastic tweet invoking antisemitic conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family.

One dirty delete rises up like pond scum, however.

In 2022, people stood on a Florida roadside waving Nazi flags, wearing swastikas, and shouting “white power” and calling Jewish people “the devil.” Pushaw responded by tweeting, “Do we even know they’re Nazis?”

(Psst: We do.)

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