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‘You f*cking cat pervert’: Neighborhood feline feud becomes online sensation

Move over, Cat Person.


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Jul 13, 2023

A friendly cat’s visits to her neighbor is outraging her owner, with a now-viral video showing the man accusing his neighbor of being a “cat pervert” and “harboring” and “holding” his cat against the cat’s wishes.

Despite the neighbor responding that his gate is open and the cat can come and go of her own volition, the man said he should tell the cat to go home and demands he make a “shooing” gesture to get the cat to leave his yard.

The neighbor hit back: “She’s a cat, she doesn’t speak English … hand signals don’t mean anything, it’s a cat dude.”

That’s when the man went into full Karen mode, threatening to call the police before going on to dub his neighbor a “cat pervert.”

The man’s tirade is going viral, racking up more than 12 million views on Twitter in the last day.

“You know what, there’s a crime about you harboring my cat,” he said. “It’s against the law. It’s called harboring an animal.”

“For some reason, they don’t like that, and decided it’s my job to tell the cat where and where not to go,” the neighbor wrote in their description of the video. “Before I started recording, they said I was ‘manipulating’ the cat by ‘befriending’ it. They did end up calling the police after I stopped recording, but the police almost immediately hung up on them. The cat was right back in my yard the next morning.”

As “cat pervert” began trending on Twitter, users responded to the video, dubbing the man a “Kat Karen” and saying they understand why the cat would want to move.

The status of the cat today, and its location, is unclear.

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*First Published: Jul 13, 2023, 9:11 am CDT