This startup doesn’t want you to wait in line to fill your gas tank—so it’s bringing the fuel to you


For those who find it too inconvenient to pump their own gas, a new startup called Booster has quite a solution for you. Instead of you driving to the nearest gas station and possibly waiting in lines to fill up your vehicle, Booster wants to take the fuel to you and replenish your empty tank while you’re at work.

As TechCrunch writes, Booster said, aside from the convenience factor, the gas will be cheaper for the consumer—about 10 cents less per gallon than a regular gas station.

People are apparently on board with the idea.

Booster has raised a total of $32 million for its idea, and it says it has partnered with companies like Cisco, Oracle, and Facebook to provide gas to their employees (the companies reportedly won’t pay anything to Booster; the startup will simply collect the money it’s owed from employees). All those customers have to do is schedule an appointment with the Booster app and make sure their gas cap is open when they lock their car doors and head into their workday.

Booster isn’t the only app to provide on-demand gas. As TechCrunch notes, Purple and WeFuel offer on-demand gas fillups, but Booster is solely focusing on working with private communities.

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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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