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Everyone wanted to die after watching that debate

It was bad.


Katherine Huggins


Social media users were far from impressed by President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump’s debate performances, with many ready to throw in the towel.

The 90-minute debate featured Biden ripping Trump as having the “morals of an alley cat” over his affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Trump calling Biden a “bad Palestinian,” Biden coughing and freezing, and at one point devolving into an argument over the duo’s golf abilities.

“Watching this debate makes me envy Biden for being about to die,” quipped one user on X.

“this debate reminds me that I want to blow up the earth,” wrote another account.

One X account simply shared a video clip with no caption to capture his feelings about the debate.

The post? A frequently memed clip from Real Housewives of New York stating “it’s bad” on repeat.

And the internet appeared in agreement that the showdown was no peak performance.

One person shared a GIF of someone throwing himself into a TV and shattering it.

“ok if you don’t live in the US, please turn the debate off,” wrote one X user. This is our private family humiliation, and we’d all prefer you not stare.

“the loser of that debate was america and everyone in it and the winner was depends adult diapers probably,” concluded someone else, riffing on the age of the candidates.

“two of the sharpest minds in politics at the top of their game… incredible to watch” sarcastically quipped another account.

Someone else included a meme from Veep asking “why does God allow suffering?”

But one person theorized there are at least some unbothered people out there.

She wrote: “the winner is everyone who doesnt even know there’s a debate tonight.”

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