Anti-paparazzi hoodie is a photobomber’s dream

If you’ve nailed your selfie game, it might be time to move onto a higher calling: professional photobombing. Betabrand, an awesome design company known for its thoughtful, tech-savvy clothing innovations, has come out with a sporty little number called the Flashback Photobomber Hoodie, and it’s totally awesome. 

The Flashback lives up to its name thanks to its ” glass nanosphere” coating that creates a seriously bright reflective effect when light hits the hoodie. According to Betabrand, the Flashback’s wearable tech “turns ordinary iPhone images into thermonuclear photobombs!”


Like most of Betabrand’s lustworthy designs, the Flashback hoodie will set you back a chunk of change, $205 in this case, if you get in on the pre-order. After that, the Flashback will go up to $228—a small price to pay to terrorize adoring fans and strangers with selfie sticks. Watch it in action below.

The hoodie was designed by DJ Chris Holmes, whose experience with the paparazzi prompted the idea: 

That was the inspiration for my Flashback Collection, garments made from highly reflective material—perfect for anyone who doesn’t want his or her picture taken, or for photobombers who really want to make a lasting impression.

The Flashback is rad, but we’ll be holding off for now since we’re still saving up for Betabrand’s Tyvek space jacket with a full set of NASA patches. We’ll just be photobombing the old fashioned way ’til then. 

H/T Betabrand | Photo via Betabrand

Taylor Hatmaker

Taylor Hatmaker

Taylor Hatmaker has reported on the tech industry for nearly a decade, covering privacy and government. Most recently, she was the Debug editor of the Daily Dot. Prior to that, she was a staff writer and deputy editor at ReadWrite, a tech and business reporter for Yahoo News, and the senior editor of Tecca. Her editorial interests include censorship, digital activism, LGBTQ issues, and futurist consumer tech.