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The best gear and gadget gifts for Dad this holiday season

Whatever level of tech mastery your dad has attained, there’s a device he’d love to get as a gift this year.


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Gear and gadgets are often a sure thing when you’re looking for holiday gifts for your dad. Some dads are total tech wizards and will love the latest and greatest in devices… and others will surely benefit from some technical assistance, in gift form. Think about it this way: Would you rather play the role of IT support, or could you perhaps buy dear old dad something to fill that void? Sound familiar? This list of the best tech gifts for dad has you covered.

Whatever level of tech mastery your dad has attained, there’s a device he’d love to get as a gift this year. Check out our favorite tech gifts for Dad.

The best tech gifts for Dad this year

Tile combo pack ($49.99-$139.99) 

It’s a bit of a trope that dads lose everything… but lots of dads tend to do exactly that. Tile’s array of minimalist tracking devices are easy to attach to wallets, keys, or whatever else, and they’re a great tech gift for dad. They’re fairly affordable, too, and you can pick and choose between the different combo packs available.


AirPods ($159-249)

best tech gifts for dad

AirPods are quickly becoming the go-to gift of the holiday season: Everyone wants them and everyone can use them, and that includes Dad. Save some money on the last-generation version if your dad isn’t terribly hyped on the latest technology or spring for the newest devices if he’s a gadget lover. And also, maybe get him some of the Tile stickers so he can keep tracking of his charging case…


Sprinkl Control ($225)

best tech gifts for dad

There are a handful of smartphone-controlled, smart home-compatible sprinkler systems available on Amazon, and one of the best-rated is Sprinkl. One step up from having automatic sprinklers is giving your dad the ability to turn them on and off (and use other automation features) all from his smartphone. Sprinkl also adjust based on the weather so it won’t overwater the lawn after sudden downpours. This system also works with Alexa, if Dad’s an Echo user. Another popular option is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler, if the Sprinkl doesn’t sound quite right as a tech gift for dad or you want to save a few bucks.


Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker ($134.76)

tech gifts for dad

Allow me to interrupt this gift guide to tell you a very short story: Until recent years, my dad never drank coffee. However, because my mom loves coffee so much, and my dad loves my mom so much, he woke up to make it every morning. (He eventually was won over and began to drink coffee, because it’s delicious.) Now, not to date myself, but Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers were not an option when I was living at my folks’ house—if they had been, this would have been a great gift. If you have a dad who gets up to make the coffee, save him that trip to the kitchen and let him start the brew and get a few more minutes in bed.


WeMo Mini Smart Plug pack ($65.99)

Tinkering with smart home systems is increasingly easier and easier. If your dad has an interest in retrofitting his home, a pack of smart plugs is a good place to start. WeMo’s product is consistently good and easy to use, and is the first step to controlling your home from your phone—and all you have to do is plug it into existing outlets.


Wyze Bulb (four-pack for $20)

wyze bulbs

We’ve already sung the praises of Wyze’s highly affordable, incredibly easy to use smart home devices, but the Wyze Bulb, in particular, stands out as a great tech gift for Dad. A four-pack is around the cost of one or two smart bulbs from other manufacturers, and while you can’t alter the color of the bulb, you can control and dim it from your smartphone or smart home speaker.


BenQ Home Theater Projector ($649)


If you want to spend big or go in with other family members on a tech gift for Dad, then a home projector is a great idea. The BenQ Home Theater Projector is rated well and has a comparatively lower price point than many of its competitors. If you really want to go all out, then you can grab a home projector screen as well. Watching the game will never be the same.


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