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The 4 best free flashlight apps for Android and iOS

Let there be light!


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We all need a little light sometimes, but occasionally we need an absurd amount of light. Thanks to the smartphone in your pocket, you never need to be left in the dark. Each one comes with its proprietary flashlight app, but the market is also well served by some other handy options. If you need more features than your basic phone flashlight offers, here are some solid alternatives. the four best flashlight apps available on the market today.

The best flashlight apps

1) Flashlight – Free


With a no-frills name like Flashlight, you might be surprised to discover this app is packed to the gills with features. An adjustable bright flashlight is just the beginning. For roadside emergencies, you get a powerful strobe feature and for parties, you get a flashing glowing disco ball function. Flashlight also provides two animated options simulating a lighter and a light bulb, for the next time you’re at a concert or want to pretend to have a bright idea. On top of all these lighting options, the app comes with a compass and altitude tracker for your next hike. That would be more than enough to recommend the app, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the Live Map option, which allows you to see other people nearby using the app. For families who go out in the woods together, that feature will come in handy should someone get lost.

2) Brightest Flashlight – Free


When you absolutely need the brightest light possible, Brightest Flashlight is all you need. This app works by activating everything that generates light on your Android device. Screen, flash, keyboard if you’ve got one, notification lights—everything. Nothing makes a brighter ball of light than Brightest Flashlight, but you’ll be sacrificing battery life, so don’t use it too often. Also, let’s be real, most of the time when you need a flashlight you need a focused beam, but when you need a massive bomb of light, Brightest Flashlight lives up to its name.

3) Tiny Flashlight + LED – Free


Tiny Flashlight is a highly customizable and super-bright LED flashlight that gives you exactly what you need when you want it. Offering up a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, Tiny Flashlight gives you a wide range of options when it comes to producing light. Want a red traffic signal? No problem. Lightbulb? You’re covered. Morse code? Shout out SOS to let people know the good news. When it comes to traditional uses Tiny Flashlight can use your camera’s flash for quick and efficient lighting or can pour out waves of light from your fully illuminated phone screen.

4) Best Flash Light! – Free


This app is as useful as its name is grammatically nightmarish. Packing in all the features you’ve come to expect after reading this article, Best Flash Light! also includes a wonderful “clapper” option that allows you to turn on the light without touching your phone. Just clap twice and it will turn on for you. It also adds in an energy-saver mode and a light timer if you ever use your flashlight as a nightlight. Add all these features up and Best Flash Light! Is a clear winner, but if you’ve got bad night vision, it has one more trick up its sleeve that you’re going to love, “light + zoom.” This allows you to utilize your camera and the light at the same time to illuminate hard-to-read fonts or maps. Best Flash Light! has a silly name, but it’s features are nothing to laugh at.


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