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Andrew Tate is now promising untold crypto riches to his fans—if they pony up $2,000 first

Tate once called crypto-shillers scammers


Marlon Ettinger


Andrew Tate appears to be going all-in on crypto—promising subscribers totThe Real World, his online “financial education platform,” that “the easiest money play in history” is coming right up.  

Tate is also promising access to an exclusive chatroom where members can get the inside track on the project—if they’re willing to shell out a couple of thousand dollars to get in on top of the Real World’s entry fee.

The Real World platform costs $49 a month and gives members access to video courses taught by Tate’s “multi-millionaire mentors,” as well as a chatroom community. But paying the minimum isn’t enough to strike it rich. Tate says in videos targeted at members that the only way to really do that is to buy into an elite level within the group, which will give access to a crypto project he’s been teasing and whose price is sure to pop. 

Tate has several crypto projects popping now. He’s been boosting a memecoin called $DADDY recently. But an ad on Tate’s Hustler’s University Crypto page says “$Daddy is only the beginning. TRW project is coming soon.”


The Real World didn’t respond to questions about the project. DADDY jumped over 30% over the past week, but it’s down over 30% since it launched in June.


“Message to all members of the Real World, and to all DADDY holders,” Tate said in a video on Tuesday. “You have 72 hours. Get inside of the Real World urgently. Work on your power levels urgently, and accumulate as much DADDY as you can, because in 72 hours, my grand plan to fix the crypto space will be revealed. You will understand that we are going to build a crypto space built on honor and hard work and diligence, as opposed to simply being in first, getting lucky, rug-pulling, or being a sneaky little anon. I’ve been working on this for a very long time, and this is your 72-hour warning.”

Tate is also promising more tokens in the crypto project he’s been teasing to subscribers who join an exclusive tier on the platform called “the Council,” at the low, low entry fee of just a cool $1,997.

Tate, who once called influencers who shill cryptocurrency “scammer[s],” has been promoting a crypto project since February on the promise that he’s figured out how to clean up the crypto space and that this time everybody will get rich.

But according to internal videos from the Real World, the project doesn’t sound too much different from standard crypto efforts

“Members of the Council will get the most,” Tate said, though it isn’t clear if he’s referring to DADDY or the upcoming project. “You can join the Council via the courses tab … The day this imaginary project comes true, you will be rewarded for all that hard work in cold, hard cash…I really truly believe it would be the biggest crypto project in history.”

Tate has been pushing the coins internally within the Real World and urging members to cough up more money for greater access, and saying that crypto token allocation will be linked to your “status” in the Real World. 

“Tate has started HEAVILY upselling his members,” X user Gadget, who posted clips recently of Tate, told the Daily Dot. “He is pushing them to join a new thing called ‘the Council,’ promising that council members will get priority in his upcoming crypto schemes.”

Gadget, a frequent critic of Tate, explained that he joined the Real World to document what was going on there, and said that Tate’s also been telling members to buy Real World memberships for friends.

“You should be focused on increasing your rank and increasing your power level, and logging into the Real World every day,” Tate said in a video.

“It is YOUR job to work hard inside of the Real World. That is what YOU need to do. That is YOUR job. You are the marine  … you must join the Council,” Tate said.

Tate is telling students that if they buy the token (it’s unclear whether DADDY or the unreleased one), they’ll get a share of the Real World profits, which Tate claims earns $20 million a month. The Real World is a rebrand of Tate’s previous business coaching platform Hustler’s University.

According to Gadget, Tate is also pumping DADDY heavily in a members-only livestream called “Unfair Advantage.”

It’s a truly stark contrast to his recent takes.

In 2022, Tate claimed that he’d never launch a crypto coin for his fans because he didn’t want anybody losing money on something with his name on it.

“Them losing money would bother me at night,” Tate said. “Crypto … is player vs. player. You can only sell it for $10 after buying it for $1 because somebody is buying it at $10. Someone is out to lose. I could make $10 billion today if I launched a crypto, but I refuse to do it, because people are going to lose under my name … I’m not going to sell my soul.”

The Real World didn’t immediately respond to questions about the cryptocurrency or the Council.

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