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‘I don’t need to rob my fans’: Andrew Tate’s old comments on crypto resurface after he claims he’s launching his own coin

He'd previously promised to never get involved in crypto, which he said was run by dorks.


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Posted on Feb 1, 2024   Updated on Feb 1, 2024, 5:36 pm CST

“I DO NOT ENDORSE SHITCOINS,” Andrew Tate posted last year. “I’m not a scammer like every other ‘influencer.’ I don’t need to rob my fans. I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY CRYPTO.”

Now, Andrew Tate says he’s going to put $100 million into backing his own coin. However, as the news of the story blew up, Tate deleted his post, sharing another cryptic message instead.

It’s unclear if the coin post was a stunt or sincere.

“Hey Crypto Twitter,” Tate originally posted on his X account on Thursday laying out the plan, where he explained that he’d let members of his online “university,” where he teaches online business skills, get in early on presale for the coin. “And then because I’m the most famous man alive I’ll promote it everywhere ley you all make money,” Tate said. “50k rewteets and a deal.”

The fact that Tate didn’t lay out any sort of business plan for the coin beyond him promoting it to pump it, and the fact that he’d previously criticized the scammy nature of a lot of crypto projects led a ton of people online to conclude that Tate was basically just planning to do the same thing to his own followers.

“Andrew Tate is launching a crypto scamcoin,” posted YouTuber Coffeezilla, who’s previously criticized the shoddy quality of his online courses.

“This shit probably going to be one of the biggest shitshow ever,” predicted @KashKysh. “Bro was shitting on crypto users the whole bear and now his greed tells him to launch a coin lmao. Absolute clown.”

In the past, Tate criticized people who made fortunes off cryptocurrencies, calling them a “new generation of nerds.

“Crypto Kids who got rich in 2021 by scamming in shitcoins or NFTs,” Tate posted last April. “The easy money isn’t in crypto anymore, They’re 20-something and have no real-world skills, but the rent is due and their crypto fortune is shrinking.”

But others were optimistic about the opportunity to make money from the coin.

“I’m going to be completely honest with what’s probably about to happen,” said @itzjoshuajake in a video he uploaded in reaction to the news. “Every Andrew Tate fanboy is going to start making content on this – they’re going to shill it before they have to shill it because they want to get in on that per-sale allocation.”

“All the ‘make money online’ gurus end up in crypto,” added @beaniemaxi.

“Smartest take on this subject,” added @kingsbridge_xyz. “He’s an annoying grifter but numba do go up.”

They weren’t the only poster who thought the whole thing could work out well.

“If he keeps his promise, it won’t be a scam,” pointed out @sascha_data. “But who knows.”

Especially given he’s now deleted his claim.

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*First Published: Feb 1, 2024, 5:32 pm CST