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Smelling profits, Amazon launches its own diaper line

Can customer feedback make a better diaper?


Eric Geller


If you thought the Amazon Fire Phone was crap, wait until you see Amazon’s latest product: diapers.

In the latest iteration of the online shopping giant’s expansion into branded offerings—following its AmazonBasics tech accessories—the Seattle-based retailer is launching a line of diapers called Amazon Elements.


“We know it’s challenging to navigate all the choices and marketing messages you face while shopping for your family,” Amazon says on a page titled “The Amazon Elements Approach.” The pitch seems to be that Amazon will pay close attention to customer feedback about size, comfort, convenience, and other factors when deciding what items to stock in the future.


In partnering directly with the diaper manufacturers who supply major companies, Amazon is bypassing the middle-man in an entirely new market segment. Its products include a 160-count “Soft & Cozy Diapers, Size 4” pack for $45, an 80-count pack of baby wipes for $17, and a 40-count pack of those soft, cozy diapers in size 3 for $10. There are currently nine Amazon Elements products in total.

While Amazon’s strategy seems sound, the company might want to reconsider one of its taglines: “Transparent origins.” Gross.

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