90-year-old quadruplets go viral on Facebook

Little babies/Facebook

‘Happy Birthday QUEENS’: Facebook users love the quadruplets who made it to 90—without realizing they’re fake

Countless users believe that the 4 sisters are real.


Mikael Thalen


A Facebook image that alleges to show quadruplets celebrating their 90th birthday is being praised on social media despite being completely fabricated.

The image, which was generated with artificial intelligence, was posted last week and since garnered over 180,000 reactions.

“We are quadruplets, today we turned 90, we are waiting for congratulations from you,” a caption says.

The account behind the image, named “Little babies,” has roughly 24,000 followers and regularly posts AI-generated content. While most of the account’s posts typically gain little traction, the image showcasing the four alleged sisters quickly went viral.

Countless users in the nearly 72,000 comments on the photo show just how many people fell for the ruse.

“Happy Birthday Ladies and God bless you all,” one user replied.

“Totally Amazing!” another added. “Happy Birthday QUEENS.”

Despite the widespread attention received, the image has yet to be flagged by Facebook as being deceptive. The Daily Dot reached out to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, to inquire about the image but did not receive a response at press time.

A handful of comments, however, came from users who weren’t fooled by the AI-generated image.

“It’s AI y’all,” one user wrote. “Quit with the birthday wishes.”

“A.I. Generated Picture!!!” a third user commented

Some users also noted irregularities in the photo, including the length of limbs, as well as issues with fingers.

“AI will be the end of us,” a user noted. “What’s with the extra long arms though?”

AI images have not only stirred chaos online but have turned many into skeptics, leading countless to believe that legitimate images are instead fake.

But AI images can still cause damage even when the manipulation is apparent.

In January, for example, explicit AI-generated images of pop star Taylor Swift racked up tens of millions of views online.

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