Cowboys and Aliens
YouTube star talks Cowboys and Aliens on Reddit
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freddie wong
Hollywood copies the YouTube formula
A young woman named Christina has been kidnapped. She is trapped in a room and only you, through the magic of the World Wide Web, can get Christina out. This is the premise of Inside, a social-media film experiment starring Emmy Rossum—and the Internet.  Presented by Intel and Toshiba, the series is airing solely on YouTube and the story unfolds based off of community participation. And the creative forces behind it really want you to think it’s a new idea.But the Hollywoo...
freddie wong
8 awesome celebrities on Reddit
Reddit’s live interview section, r/IAmA, may be the biggest single watering hole for celebrities online. But while the famous lap up the attention and quick karma on the social news site for promotional purposes—they don’t usually stick around.

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