YouTube right now! Pleated-Jeans' "Better Names for Things"

You won’t find Sun Sticks or Yum Circles in your local Target, but Pleated-Jeans wants to remedy that.

In YouTube Right Now, the Daily Dot looks at videos that catch our eyes, push our buttons, and move our dials—and that you’ve just got to watch. Right now!

Why do we call the clocks we put around our wrists “watches” and not “time bracelets?” Why do we call the plush furniture we sit on a “couch” and not a “butt shelf?”

Pleated-Jeans’ latest video envisions a parallel world in which everyday items are granted a sense of humor with absurd new names.

“I went to my local superstore and swapped their signage with more logical names for things,” he wrote on YouTube. “You're welcome, Target.”

The comedian, also known by his given name Jeff Wysaski, is best known for his visual gags on Tumblr, which can collect as many as hundreds of thousands of notes and reblogs. But he also releases a funny video each week.

Check out the video, and then visit your local Target to stock up on “sound bagels.”

Photo via Jeff Wysaski/YouTube

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