Tim Gunn makes it work on Twitter

tim gunn tweets
Can live-tweeting of Project Runway be far behind?

Talk about a major wow factor: Tim Gunn is now on Twitter.

The popular Project Runway fashion mentor joined Twitter on Friday, and we’re already feeling a little more stylish. Tweeting under @TimGunn, the verified account has racked up nearly 3,000 followers with just four tweets.

“Learning to use social media, can you believe it?! I'm brushing off the dust and scales. I am joining the 21st century,” tweeted Gunn, along with a picture of him looking inquisitively at a phone.

Fans responded happily with @justfinethanx tweeting “Learning to use Twitter?? Make it work, Tim!!,” a nod to Gunn’s signature line that he frequently says on Project Runway.

Gunn’s other three tweets included one at his fellow Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, who also welcomed Gunn. “HELLO TIM!!!!,” screamed Garcia. The other tweets were about his books, and he will reveal the cover of his latest work on Monday via Twitter.

Welcome Tim, now if you can live-tweet Project Runway episodes that would definitely be making it work.

Photo by Lord Mariser

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