A new interview series launches on the video site.

For years, YouTubers have used the video site as a two-way medium, responding to videos and asking each other questions. Now YouTube, the company, is following their lead with the celebrity-infused “YouTube Presents,” an interview series where the questions and answers are posted on the site.

According to the official YouTube blog, it’s “an ongoing program dedicated to bringing you live performances and interviews with your favorite artists.” Pop-country singer and four-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift is the first celebrity to sit down to do a YouTube interview.  

“I’m going to be doing an exclusive interview with YouTube and I want to get the questions directly from you, the fans. You always have the best ones anyway,” said Swift in her 24-second video uploaded yesterday.

Her public call for questions has been viewed 30,000 times as of Friday afternoon, and the video has collected more than 3,000 comments and questions. YouTubers have until August 30 to get their questions or votes in.

So far, the highest-rated questions wonder when Swift will write a book (“your [sic] so inspiring” wrote EmmaJanesMusic) and what was the “most memorable place” Swift went to while on tour (from cheeseisgood230).  

Common questions, besides the confessions of undying love, include those wondering how Swift looks so beautiful. (Tthose wondering should check the Swift  tutorials on YouTube.) Others wonder who her best friend is, or when she is visiting the commenter’s country on tour.

While the following questions probably won’t be answered by Swift, they did give this Daily Dotter a chuckle or a moment of pause.

“Have you ever been a stranger in a strange land?”  —KapitanAndoy


“Do you believe in God? Like, are you Christian or Catholic?” —ariana13grande

“Choose one: bacon or chocolate?”  — XxlittlejessxX

“Which facebook account is ur real one?”  —cyanney415

“How do you like yourself without makeup?”  —x13goneforever

“Have you ever crash dieted/starved yourself?”  —robinhoodcentral

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