17 GIF artists warped Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' into a modern masterpiece

Taylor Swift Shake it Off

Screengrab via HGW Music Video/Vimeo

You're going to want watch this over and over and over again.

Just when you thought you’d see the video for “Shake It Off” for the last time, Reddit’s mad GIF artists have come along and completely warped your memory of the Taylor Swift hit. 

Seventeen GIF artists spent roughly three weeks and 200 hours of work on this incredibly intricate GIF tribute to “Shake It Off.” Just try counting all the meme references and watch your head spin. 

Due to copyright concerns, the team has had trouble keeping the video online and has posted several copies across the web. The silent version is on YouTube:

As with any great GIF, you need to watch the video a couple of dozen times to truly appreciate the intricacy and details at work. This Imgur post breaks down the creative process and the video GIF by GIF. 

H/T Reddit

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