Because 11-year-old Ben said so, that's why.

In case you’re wondering why Twitter users are proclaiming today “Stop Alec Baldwin Day,” the answer is simple: a redditor’s younger brother said so.

More specifically, the campaign is based on a picture posted to the social news site Monday titled “My autistic little brother has some big plans.” The photograph, posted by redditor TheAO133, showed a calendar with “Stop Alec Baldwin” scribbled onto the date Sep. 4. That happens to be the first day of school for Ben, TheAO133’s 11-year-old brother.

“I've got no idea why he might want to stop Alec Baldwin,” TheAO133,  wrote later on Reddit.

That was enough. By Tuesday morning, a Stop Alec Baldwin Day photo was on the front page of Reddit, hundreds of users were tweeting about it, and someone made a Facebook page for the cause. We’ve compile a selection of Stop Alec Baldwin Day propaganda posters below:

Photo via Imgur

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