Reggie Watts to perform standup set in virtual reality

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Screengrab via AltspaceVR/YouTube

Be part of a live audience on your headset.

Comedian Reggie Watts is performing a virtual reality standup show Thursday night, and the company hosting it is hoping it'll be the most attended event in VR history. 

Watts has always enjoyed experimenting with his comedy—whether it's incorporating music, looped sound, or improvisation into a bit—so performing in a 3D comedy club seems like a natural fit. 

The event will take place on AltspaceVR, a platform that (much like Second Life) allows users to make an avatar and then explore the world around them.

Watts will perform as his avatar in a virtual comedy club, and fans will be able to walk into the venue and grab front-row seats. Whether or not a live comedy experience translates to the headset format is still yet to be determined. 

Earlier this week, AltspaceVR dropped a trailer for the event, debuting Watts' avatar: 

Tonight's performance begins at 11:00pm ET.

H/T Variety

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