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Pomplamoose’s new jam is called “Happy Get Lucky.”

Pharrell Williams is the hottest thing in music right now, so it stands to reason that it was only a matter of time before the YouTube mashup crew Pomplamoose came to cover the singer. 

On Tuesday, the California-based YouTube duo—made famous through a series of annoying Hyundai ads during the holiday season in 2010—emerged from their quirky studio with “Happy Get Lucky,” a lively, danceable mashup of Pharrell Williams’s two latest hits, “Happy” and “Get Lucky,” the track he recorded with Daft Punk.

The mashup pulls the chords from “Get Lucky” and the vocals from “Happy” on the verses before throwing a curveball and incorporating the lyrics to Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” into the chorus alongside the chords to “Happy.” 

The mashup also features boobs—Nataly’s in particular—right around the one minute mark, though they weren’t exposed in any explicit way. 

“We didn’t intend to make a boob video,” they wrote. “We just thought it would be cool to project on another 3-D surface… and Nataly’s boobs make great eyeballs.” 

Like many of Pomplamoose’s clips, the video was created in one take, with no cuts or invisible edits. “All effects in this video were created with only white foam board and one single projector,” they explained at the onset of the clip. “We drag shapes around our video editor to line them up with our set.”

Guess they knew they had to get lucky.

Photo via Pomplamoose/YouTube

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