Patton Oswalt promotes Spirit Awards by turning blockbusters into mumblecore flicks

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Patton Oswalt is touting an amazing invention. 

As promotion for IFC’s Independent Spirit Awards on March 1, host Patton Oswalt is touting an amazing invention: The Indie-izer, a device that magically turns blockbusters into mumblecore films.

With help from the cast of 5-Second Films, the Indie-izer takes any “big-budget, Hollywood crowd-pleasing blockbuster and turns it into a micro-budgeted mumblecore digital download.” With this innovative movie magic, Monsters University, The Hobbit, and The Lone Ranger are re-rendered as heady, dialogue-heavy mope fests about coddled adults.

Why stop at just those three, though? We’d love to see Gravity go through the Indie-izer. It's basically already a mumblecore film (tagline: in space, no one can hear your heavy sigh). Or maybe The Matrix (the protagonist can’t choose between the red or blue pill, or the two girls he’s casually dating) and Independence Day (the invading aliens kill themselves after sitting through the main character’s improv set).

H/T Uproxx | Screengrab via Film Independent/YouTube

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