'Lazer Team' sequel headed to YouTube Red

Lazer Team sequel

Screengrab via Rooster Teeth/YouTube

Rooster Teeth will produce follow-up adventure.

The Lazer Team will be back in action on YouTube Red, with a sequel to the platform's first narrative feature coming "soon."

"We don't know when you can see it," says Lazer Team star Gavin Free in a promotional clip.

Adds fellow star Burnie Burns, "Movies do take a little while."

The original Lazer Team came from a successful Indiegogo campaign by the Rooster Teeth gang. They raised $2.4 million from 37,493 backers to produce the film, which was then picked up for distribution by YouTube as part of its initial Red subscription offering. 

The plot follows a ragtag group of astronauts who accidentally activate individual pieces of a space suit designed to defend Earth against alien invaders, and must work together to save the planet. No word on exactly what they'll do in a sequel.

lazer team
'Lazer Team' will save the world from Hollywood (and aliens)
The world is facing certain destruction from alien forces. But instead of a specially trained super soldier wielding the Earth’s most powerful weapon, a ragtag foursome of unlikely heroes each controls a single aspect of humanity’s last hope.
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