Sir Ian McKellen does a masterful reading of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

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And he follows it up with 'Uptown Funk' as a bonus.
Sir Ian McKellen is doing the promotional rounds for his new film Mr. Holmes, and his latest stop was with Yahoo to perform very straight-faced readings of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars lyrics. Far from phoning it in, he took the time to memorize the lyrics to "Bad Blood." It's why we call him "Sir"—he's just that awesome (well, that and he's been knighted).

Thankfully for McKellen, he didn't have to memorize too many lyrics for this particular recital.

Mr. Holmes hits theaters tomorrow and has received very positive buzz on the festival circuit. If you were on the fence about seeing it, hopefully this video has convinced you to do so.

Update 3:34pm CT, July 17: Swift has responded, saying that McKellen (and Patrick Stewart, who recited the lyrics to "Blank Space" on NPR) "made my day."

H/T Uproxx | Screengrab via Yahoo! Screen

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