Hank Green asked 47 YouTube stars to laugh without smiling

laugh without smile

Screengrab via Hank Green/YouTube | Remix via Max Fleishman (CC-BY) Hank Green/Youtube

The results are, well, hilarious.
YouTube is all about challenges, and Hank Green issued one to 47 creators in Los Angeles on his recent visit in an effort to make a mega mix: Can you laugh without smiling? 

The result is a who's who of the YouTube elite looking incredibly uncomfortable and vaguely sinister.

The video boasts appearances from Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Flula Borg, and many more. Some YouTubers can't help but laugh, others do spot-on villain impersonations, but all of them look a little awkward to say the least. Green admits that the premise is nothing new, as his VidCon staffers play this game to relieve stress in the office. 

Green closes out the video with his own attempt as he links to his real reason for his L.A. visit—a chance to collaborate on various other YouTube channels.

hank green
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