GoPro captures the moment a record-breaking car jump goes horribly wrong

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gopro car jump crash
Guerlain Chicherit feared the worst—and with good reason.

The GoPro camera, being engineered for extreme action, has brought us images from the furthest limits of human experience. But the genre’s latest eye-popping video captures more than just a crazy stunt—in fact, it shows us the face of a man sure that he’s about to die.

“When I woke up the morning of jump day, I called my wife and told her that I had a bad feeling,” said pro skier and rally driver Guerlain Chicherit of his attempt to break the record for the longest ramp car jump. “I’ve traveled the world for motorsports and seen hundreds of crashes: multiple-car pileups at high speeds, race cars rolling end over end, sometimes on fire.” 

As it happened, Chicherit’s dark premonition was accurate, and he suffered a spectacular wreck, miraculously emerging with no more than minor injuries. The fateful run begins at the seven-minute mark in the clip below, and it’s a nail-biter all the way through.

Despite the close call, Chicherit is likely to try the jump again, which he’d promised to do so long as his vehicle was still “in one piece” after a failed attempt. We’ll go ahead and assume that’s a figure of speech. 

Photo via GoPro/YouTube

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