Google "Zerg Rush" to battle invaders on your search page

Google pays homage to the wildly popular Starcraft series with this fun easter egg.

The gaming addicts over at Google have just paid tribute to a popular computer game with yet another easter egg.

Type “Zerg rush” into Google and colorful letter Os fall from the top of the page and start destroying your search results. The goal? Destroy the Os before they destroy your search page by clicking on them repeatedly.

The word Zerg comes from the insanely popular video game series Starcraft. Zerg’s are a race of insectoids who “relentlessly hunt down and assimilate advanced species across the galaxy, incorporating useful genetic code into their own,” according the Starcraft Wiki.

The term “Zerg rush” is a specific fighting tactic, CNET ‘s Lance Whitney explained.

“Those on the receiving end of such an attack had to defend themselves against a rush of invading Zerglings by quickly taking each one down even though defeat was usually imminent,” Whitney wrote.

“Zerg rush” joins a handful of other Google easter eggs including the barrel roll which paid homage to the popular game series Star Fox.

Photo via Wikipedia


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