'Game of Thrones' gets a hilarious, updated 'Honest Trailer'

Game of thrones honest trailers

Screengrab via ScreenJunkies/YouTube (CC-BY)

Warning: Tons of spoilers ahead.

With Game of Thrones back this week for season 6, Screen Junkies released an update to the popular Honest Trailer series focused on the HBO show.

The creators already tackled the first three seasons in 2014, which drew 30 million views, and now they've updated fans on the honest reality of the series' bloody, subsequent seasons.

"Return to TV's most expensive-looking Renaissance fair," quips the video. "It's like The Walking Dead if they had any balls."

The clip points out the increasingly gratuitous nature of both violence and nudity in the series, and jokes that even the inanimate objects like swords now have names you must remember. Warning: The video shares spoilers up through Sunday's new episode.

The biggest takeaway? Last time Screen Junkies writers begged for Joffrey's death and got their wish, this time they're hoping Ramsay Bolton dies. 
game of thrones
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