YouTube right now! Christmas Wish List

christmas wish list
Can lightning strike twice in the same week? We'll find out and see if Preston Leatherman's latest goes viral. 

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Gosh, another Christmas-themed video?

Yes, except this one, rather than a lip-dub or parody, is an original song.

Preston Leatherman, who you may have seen recently dancing joyfully in public to his iPod playing Mariah Carey, just released his song and video titled “Christmas Wish List.”

The roughly four-minute video, uploaded at 7 p.m. CT, is cut together with “old super 8 footage of families at Christmas time,” said Leatherman’s manager, James Lucente, in an e-mail to the Daily Dot.

As for the song?

It’s catchy, runs through all the fun things about the winter season, and it just might replace Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You,” a Christmas ballad from 1994.

Leatherman began his musical career in 2007 as a classically-trained pianist, but has since learned to play the guitar and drums. Jackson 5, Alicia Keys and The Temptations are heavy influencers, according to his bio. That could explain the sugary-sweet Christmas single complete with “doo-wops.”

Can Leatherman pull off two viral videos in a week? The Daily Dot will be watching...

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