Baby—you're geek chic

Star Wars nursery
These baby rooms are decked out for the geekiest of the super-youth set. 

As soon as Abbey Olsen learned she was pregnant with a boy, she began planning the ultimate nursery. Decked wall-to-wall with Star Wars accents, two-month old Rocky has a “geek chic”  dream of a room—even though he’s not old enough to understand the movie.

“We sat down and had a Star Wars marathon a few weeks back that he sat through, but that was more for his big sister who is 8,” Olsen told

The post received 3,000 Facebook likes and was reblogged hundreds of times.

“This is amazing, and I'm bookmarking it to copy for the day I have kids,” one commenter gushed.

Olsen is part of a growing trend of geek parents who are reliving their childhood hobbies through their infants’ decor—and watching their handiwork go viral online. These nerd nurseries may not meet the tastes of the growing child for whom they’re designed, but they’re met with instant approval from the Internet’s masses.

The Daily Dot has compiled a Storify of some of our favorite, most viral geek nurseries. As big geeks ourselves, we can only hope that nurture trumps nature.

Photo by jigabugbaby

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