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TSM outduels Cloud9 to win 4th NA LCS championship
The team has already qualified for Worlds.
G2 Esports smashes Splyce in the EU LCS Summer Split playoffs finals
For the second time in a row G2 stands as the best team from Europe.
Alliance waves goodbye to s4, AdmiralBulldog, and Akke
The International 3-winning line-up are going their separate ways again.
Quake legend rapha joins Team Liquid Overwatch
One of esports’ most storied players is donning the blue uniform.
Immortals take third in the NA LCS playoffs again with win over CLG
Hometown hero WildTurtle carries Immortals to 3rd place in front of Toronto crowd.
H2K pushes past the Unicorns of Love in the EU LCS
The team is now one step away from qualifying for Worlds.