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10 Twitch streamers you should follow in 2019

With so many popular Twitch streamers, here are 10 worth your time.


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Every day, millions of people flock to Twitch to watch streamers play video games. Some of these streamers have even become internet celebrities due to their massive fanbases. However, when you’re just starting out on Twitch, figuring out which of these stars to follow can be tricky.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of all the best Twitch stars you should be watching. Whether you’re a Fortnite enthusiast or a fan of varied gameplay, all the streamers included below have something unique to offer.

Top 10 Twitch streamers, in no particular order

1) Tfue

Streaming focus: Fortnite

Follower count: Roughly 6.8 million

top twitch streamers tfue

Tfue is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. He’s widely regarded as an extraordinary Fortnite player and owes a lot of his success to streaming it. Tfue’s commitment to Fortnite is no joke—he streams about 50-70 hours each week, making him an accessible streamer to watch.

2) Shroud

Streaming focus: Grand Theft Auto, miscellaneous

Follower count: Roughly 6.8 million

top twitch streamers shroud

Shroud is another one of Twitch’s most-followed streamers. While he’s best known for his Grand Theft Auto streams, Shroud also mixes in gameplay from Apex Legends, Overwatch, and more. He streams nearly every day for about 7-12 hours, making him likewise easy to watch.

3) Pokimane

Streaming focus: Miscellaneous

Follower count: Roughly 3.3 million

top twitch streamers pokimane

One of the most successful female Twitch stars (and streamers in general), Pokimane is a must-follow. She plays everything from Minecraft to League of Legends, but Fortnite is what truly launched her to Twitch stardom. She tends to stream for 3-9 hours at varying times throughout the day.

4) DrDisrespect

Streaming focus: Miscellaneous

Follower count: Roughly 3.6 million

top twitch streamers drdisrespect

DrDisrespect streams a wider variety of games than most of his fellow Twitch stars, but he’s most famous for his Apex LegendsFortnite, and Call of Duty streams. Affectionately called “The Doc” by his fans, DrDisrespect’s killer mustache-mullet combo and outrageous persona make him one of the most entertaining streamers to watch on Twitch.

5) TimTheTatman

Streaming focus: Fortnite

Follower count: Roughly 3.9 million

top twitch streamers timthetatman

TimTheTatman is another beloved Fortnite streamer, but he also occasionally plays games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Fans love him for his habit of consistently interacting with his viewers, often setting aside parts of his streams just to chat with them. TimTheTatman has a set streaming schedule Monday through Saturday and occasionally brings his wife on to stream with him.

6) KittyPlays

Streaming focus: Fortnite

Follower count: Roughly 1.1 million

top twitch streamers kittyplays

KittyPlays is one of Twitch’s most popular female streamers. She’s mostly known for her Fortnite streams, but she’s also made a huge impact in making Twitch more inclusive—having founded a “squad” to empower and promote other female streamers. KittyPlays’ streaming schedule is a little irregular, but she has tons of fans nonetheless.

7) Myth (AKA TSM Myth)

Streaming focus: Fortnite, miscellaneous

Follower count: Roughly 5.3 million

top twitch streamers myth

Myth is known as an incredible Fortnite player, but he’s also famous for his playthroughs of games like Resident Evil and Alien. He’s the captain of Team Solo Mid (TSM)one of the most successful competitive Fortnite squads in existence. He has a set streaming schedule for every single day of the week.

8) Alinity (AKA Alinity Divine)

Streaming focus: Miscellaneous

Follower count: Roughly 1 million

top twitch streamers alinity divine

Alinity streams several different games, including Apex Legends, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. While she is one of Twitch’s more controversial stars, Alinity is still a top streamer with a great channel for Twitch newbies. She usually streams for about 5-10 hours most days of the week.

9) LegendaryLea

Streaming focus: Teamfight Tactics

Follower count: Roughly 650k

top twitch streamers legendarylea

LegendaryLea primarly streams League of Legends‘ game mode Teamfight Tactics. She’s very much a rising star in the Twitch community and is rapidly joining the ranks of top streamers. LegendaryLea streams most days of the week, with sessions lasting anywhere from 1 to 12 hours.

10) Imaqtpie

Streaming focus: Miscellaneous

Follower count: Roughly 2.6 million

top; twitch streamers imaqtpie

Imaqtpie primarily streams Apex LegendsLeague of Legends, and Fire Emblem. He’s unique from other streamers in that he also hosts streams solely dedicated to discussing current events in the gaming world. He streams Sundays-Thursdays for about 7-10 hours per session.


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