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man listening to a phone through a megaphone As encryption debate heats up, experts dissect Obama's surveillance policies
One panelist called the FBI director's encryption plea 'rhetorically really masterful.'
US and UK flags glitch British police seek authority to directly serve U.S. companies with warrants
Congress would have to approve of any deal to change how foreign governments get U.S. data.
FCC chairman opens the door to new Internet wiretapping powers
Privacy groups are worried that Congress will once again expand Internet surveillance.
notebook with a scribble of a surveillance camera on it U.K. court strikes down sweeping government surveillance law
It's a big win for privacy, but the fight is not yet over.
7376270288_6473285a54_z.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 427 pixels) Woman investigating police brutality hit with wiretapping charges
Photography isn't a crime. But secretly recording local officials is.
Policeman Is military tech waging electronic warfare on U.S. civilians?
Instead of being a powerful tool for organization, technology may be turning into our greatest enemy.