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Screengrab from the YouTube Gaming page. YouTube Gaming starts its drive to challenge Twitch today
Can there be another major player in the game streaming sphere?
Pass the controller to a friend with NVIDIA's new feature
The feature will also improve recording.
Rocket League leaps into Twitch's most-watched games
The latest sensation in competitive gaming has taken Twitch by storm.
Evil Geniuses win The International Americans Evil Geniuses win The International, and the biggest prize ever
The biggest prize in the history of esports has been claimed by an American squad for the first time.
scene from evo 2015 Evo shatters fighting game viewership records
Evo is easily the most-watched fighting game tournament in the world.
swat team Trick2G fake swatting incident lands him 1-day Twitch ban
'This what I do every day and this is what I will continue to do,' Trick2G told the Daily Dot
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