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star wars

Screenshot from a YouTube video with Mario in an X-Wing fighter and King Bowser in a TIE fighter, about to begin a Mario Kart-st 'Star Wars' meets Mario, Luigi, and Bowser in 'Star Kart'
Mario and Luigi are just as cute in X-Wings and Y-Wings.
tfa hishe This is how 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' should've ended
'A dramatic entrance? We don't have time for that!'
illustration of han solo from star wars: the force unleashed The Internet is loving this 'Star Wars' family portrait
They look so normal.
Lightsaber combat 'Lightsaber Combat for Beginners' will complete your Jedi training
Meet the man who wrote the (best-selling) book on lightsaber training.
Halo 5 Podracer If you play Halo 5 on Xbox, you can podrace like you're in 'Star Wars'
A Star Wars map is just what Halo 5: Guardians needed.
'The Force Awakens' sound designer Matthew Wood on 'Star Wars' Easter eggs
You probably missed several obscure—and hilarious—voice cameos in the new film.