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grace  helbig tv pilot
YouTuber Grace Helbig nabs E! talk show pilot
The vlog-to-TV trend continues.
forsberg.png (851×466) My Damn Channel is now Omnivision Entertainment
The plan to rebrand the company comes six weeks after announcing its first TV show for HLN.
All sizes | Daily Grace Helbig | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Getting personal with YouTube star Grace Helbig
We talk to YouTube celebrity Grace Helbig about her channel shake-up, what we can expect from her new show, and today's premiere of Camp Takota.
undefined Meet Love Me Cat, YouTube’s self-obsessed feline talk show host
Here's what happens when you put the co-executive producer of The Big Bang Theory with a Community writer together on YouTube.  
grace Shooting the sh*t with Grace Helbig
How the My Damn Channel sweetheart became an awkward older sister and role model for YouTubers. 
dlc YouTube Guide: “Real Life DLC”
Special effects YouTuber Warialasky perfectly parodies the way video games constantly shake down users for downloadable content.