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YouTuber Grace Helbig nabs E! talk show pilot

The vlog-to-TV trend continues.


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One of YouTube’s top stars, Grace Helbig, is set for television stardom. The comedian will helm a new E! series that’s described as a hybrid comedy/talk show, according to Deadline.

Helbig rose to fame on the Daily Grace channel, owned by My Damn Channel. Earlier this year she went independent and continues her reign as one of the biggest vlog stars on the platform on her It’s Grace channel, with more than 1.8 million fans. Helbig has pushed herself out of the traditional vlog format over the years in the digital space, starring in the film Camp Takota with fellow YouTube stars Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, as well as touring as a trio performing a live variety show. She’s also part of a travel show currently running with Mamrie, has been a guest on Comedy Central’s @midnight, and has picked up mainstream brand deals like commercials for St. Ives skin care products. Her fans have been predictably overjoyed at the news.

AHH!! You guys are amazing! And you’re trending #youdiditgrace?? I’m – wah! I don’t even know – IM VERY HAPPY!

— Grace Helbig (@gracehelbig) August 6, 2014

The TV deals have been rolling in fast and furious for YouTube celebrities in recent months, with direct conversions like Epic Meal Time’s jump to the TV format and hosting deals like MysteryGuitarMan’s upcoming Fox show. Helbig’s show, under the working title The Grace Helbig Project, doesn’t have a solid timeslot or premiere date yet, although E! will have an open late night spot when Chelsea Handler’s show goes off the air. Helbig seems a smart choice for the network to fill that void, and an opportunity for them to foster another female comedy voice into the mainstream as they did with Handler, with even more advance data to back up the idea Helbig is a bankable star.

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