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gay church LGBT youth group crowdfunds campaign to buy notoriously anti-gay church
Celebrities and activists are promoting #HarlemNoHate to strike back against the church.
18 filthy fingering GIFs for lesbians to use on Tinder
You're gonna need these.
person holding smartphone with an anti-lgbt symbol on it Lured over dating apps, LGBT men are targets of violence and crime
Social media has increased cruising options for gay and bisexual men, but also risk.
photo of a woman's legs and on her skin is a transgender symbol tattoo Hard Rock Hotel security accused of transphobic bathroom incident at AVN Awards
Who gets to decide whether someone's using the 'right' bathroom?
orange is th enew black Caitlyn Jenner and Netflix dominate 2016 GLAAD nominations
This year's GLAAD nominees include 'The Danish Girl,' Adam Lambert, and the comic 'The Wicked + The Divine.'
image of a lgbt flag 2016 could be the year of the LGBT rights backlash
Conservative groups are closing the online gap in the LGBT rights movement.