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screenshot from an episode about gaymers 'Gaymers' is, you guessed it, a webseries about gaymers
There's more than one kind of role-playing in this gay scene.
elsa from frozen giving a thumbs up Idina Menzel publicly gets behind #GiveElsaAGirlfriend
"Disney's just gotta contend with that," said Menzel.
illustration of a guy in a suit and a cowboy hat with a rainbow flag. Texas Republican Party accidentally calls most Texans gay
Maybe the Eleventh Commandment should be 'Honor thy copyeditor.'
black men kissing Exclusive: North Carolina and Mississippi are watching tons of black gay porn on Pornhub
The states with the worst anti-gay laws sure love black gay porn.
Mykki Blanco High School Never Ends Rapper Mykki Blanco queers 'Romeo and Juliet' in new video
'High School Never Ends' addresses homophobia, violence, and the Syrian refugee crisis.
bathrooms with trans people 'Sitting in Bathrooms With Trans People' is the most timely talk show possible
Nothing is scarier than someone who doesn't wash their hands after peeing.