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Slash promotional photo New Kickstarter for a slash fiction film unsettles the fandom community
Clay Liford may not be a member of the slash community, but he wants his film to welcome everyone.
Miley Cyrus is hosting this year's MTV VMAs Miley Cyrus comes out as pansexual—here's what that means
Pansexuality means an attraction to any expression of gender.
The problem with the Internet's response to Ashley Madison
This is about much, much more than cheating spouses.
Ted Cruz duhhhh Ted Cruz makes a 'gay florist' joke in baffling interview
What Cruz was thinking about while he was 'flipping porkchops' with Ellen Page.
Women's Equality Day Facebook #WomensEqualityDay The problem with how we celebrated #WomensEqualityDay
Can we really call it a celebration of all women?
Tyler the Creator is confused Tyler the Creator is banned from the U.K. for 3-5 years
Can we really ban artists from entire countries because we disagree with art they made as a teenager?
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