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Target preacher Target aisles have become the ground zero for anti-trans rants
Videos from multiple states show protesters ranting in the aisles of the superstore.
a suitcase with a censored photo imprinted on the side ConEd rescinds job offer over a homoerotic Instagram post—and then backpedals
She lawyered up and was re-offered the position.
Jehovah hates lesbian moms Jehovah's Witnesses video teaches kids to shame kids of same-sex parents
Hey kids! Your friends with two moms are going to hell!
elsa from frozen holding a picture of a woman A high school 'Frozen' fan is determined to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend
This teen wants to see herself represented. Will Disney listen?
Caitlyn Jenner Watch Caitlyn Jenner pee and tell off Ted Cruz at the same time
Cruz and Jenner are no longer best buddies.
No fats no fems 'No Fats, No Fems' shirt causes backlash for retailer
The phrase is a common tagline on gay dating apps.