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Kinsey Scale New take on the Kinsey scale considers levels of romantic attraction
Maybe this will help demystify romantic relationships a bit more.
Mike Huckabee, railing against a corn chip Mike Huckabee calls on Christians to boycott Frito-Lay over Rainbow Doritos
Huckabee once called Americans 'economic terrorists' for boycotting Chick-fil-A.
God Tennessee county considering resolution asking God not to smite them for gay marriage rules
Resolution asks God to 'pass us by in His Coming Wrath.'
Mark Zuckerberg More than 70 human rights groups tell Facebook to change its 'real name' policy
The groups say Facebook's policy exposes users to danger and disrespects their identities.
illustration of kim davis SPLC has labeled Liberty Counsel, firm representing Kim Davis, a hate group for months
The Liberty Counsel has long promoted the idea that gay marriage will destroy Western civilization.
The Internet fought the Popeā€”and the Internet won
The outrage over the Pope's Kim Davis meeting paid off in a big way.