barrett brown

The past, present, and future of Barrett Brown

A new documentary by Alex Winter reveals where the controversial journalist is headed. This is how he got there.

On Dec 21, 2016 by Dell Cameron

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Barrett Brown leaves prison still chained to a crime he didn’t commit

Brown was released from a San Antonio-area federal prison on Tuesday.

On Nov 29, 2016 by Dell Cameron

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Anonymous protest against former hacktivist draws about 20

But they missed Sabu, who went in a side entrance.

On Jun 22, 2015 by William Turton

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Behind Sabu’s review of ‘CSI: Cyber’

Who's more qualified to weigh in on a show about a hacker turned informant?

On Mar 9, 2015 by Austin Powell

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Secret Barrett Brown chat logs reveal crucial new evidence

Brown is accused of helping the FBI's most-wanted hacker.

On Jan 20, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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Sabu, hacktivist and former FBI informant, breaks his silence to Charlie Rose

For the first time in years, Sabu speaks

On Dec 9, 2014 by Dell Cameron

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Gawker, Anonymous, an FBI informant, and the stolen emails that never existed

When Anonymous hackers are your source, things get messy.

On Nov 14, 2014 by Andrew Blake, Daniel Stuckey

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Hacker Jeremy Hammond reportedly in solitary confinement

It wouldn't be the first time that a nonviolent hacker's been put in solitary.

On Oct 23, 2014 by Kevin Collier

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‘The Hacker Wars’ takes an adrenaline-fueled look at the world of hacktivism

"We’re gonna tell them what we want them to hear, not what they need to know."

On Oct 16, 2014 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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An FBI informant led hacks against 30 countries—now we know which ones

Here's an unredacted version of Jeremy Hammond’s sentencing memorandum drafted by the Daily Dot

On Oct 1, 2014 by Dell Cameron

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The truth about hacking is in the eye of the beholder

Are hackers criminals or folk heroes? Your answer likely says a lot about you.

On Aug 15, 2014 by Nicholas White

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Alleged NullCrew hacker arrested for Bell Canada hack

At least one member of NullCrew was also secretly an FBI informant.

On Jun 17, 2014 by Kevin Collier

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Massive security flaws allowed for Stratfor hack, leaked report reveals

A previously unreleased audit by Verizon Business found that Stratfor failed to meet industry standards for cybersecurity. 

On Jun 13, 2014 by Dell Cameron

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How an FBI informant orchestrated the Stratfor hack

Previously unseen chat logs reveal that Hector “Sabu” Monsegur—not Jeremy Hammond—instigated the infamous cyberattack. 

On Jun 5, 2014 by Dell Cameron

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AntiSec hacker Jeremy Hammond bashes sentencing of FBI informant Sabu

Imprisoned AntiSec hacker Jeremy Hammond calls Sabu sentencing a "disgusting spectacle"

On Jun 2, 2014 by Dell Cameron