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University of Central Florida logo trailing binary data Hacker targets UCF, accesses 63,000 social security numbers
Student-athletes, in particular, were targeted, the University says.
Now everyone thinks 'Be Like Bill' memes are data-stealing viruses
Either way, stop sharing Bill.
illustration of a corporate room Washington wants corporations to disclose their boards' cyber expertise
Everyone agrees that companies need cyber defenses. But is this the right approach?
Ripped EU flag showing glitch underneath European info-security agency releases report on 2015 cyber trends
Hackers are using low-tech methods to deploy high-tech codeā€”the perfect storm for security experts.
glitched image of computer The FBI has named a suspect in the huge Celebgate leaks of 2014
The FBI alleges Majerczyk accessed over 330 iCloud accounts.
Handcuffs with University of Georgia logo How the infamous University of Georgia vs. Georgia Tech hacking prank landed me in jail
Who knew that a simple prank would land me in jail on Christmas Eve?