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 an illustration of a computer screen with the House of Representatives logo on it Reps. Will Hurd and Ted Lieu tell their colleagues to up their cybersecurity game
Wouldn't we all feel more comfortable knowing our representative used WhatsApp?
Bank ATM keypad Hackers steal millions from Ecuadorian bank in third such attack this year
The network that processes money-transfer orders is urging banks to report every incident.
computer screen with the words "rule 41" Senators introduce bill to block 'dramatic' changes to electronic search warrant rules
These lawmakers say there's more to this obscure rule change than meets the eye.
pornhub Hacker claims to have breached Pornhub, but Pornhub says it's a hoax
Not quite what Pornhub had in mind.
laptop screen with "pay up!" on it Senators to investigate rise of ransomware, viruses that take your computer hostage
With one report estimating that a single type of ransomware has cost $325 million, the stakes are high.
FCC and FTC logos on either side of an iPhone with an exclamation point on its screen FCC and FTC studying how mobile carriers and device makers issue security updates
The federal agencies want to know how quickly companies patch flaws that could put you at risk.