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Front of a T-Mobile store in Leeds, England How to protect yourself from the major Experian–T-Mobile hack
There are some basic steps you can take to protect your identity.
computer with programming code on its screen Why hackers are always faster than the companies they attack
One security firm has seen more than 1.2 billion successful exploits so far this year.
broken FBI-branded padlock Report shows cybersecurity officials feel understaffed and demoralized
'A job at Apple or Google will typically be more attractive and alluring for a recent graduate than a job at the IRS.'
Stylized Locks with Ones and Zeros Cybersecurity expert James Lewis praises U.S.–China cyber agreement
'They made some significant progress in doing this.'
abstract art of a computer monitor Someone hacked Imgur to DDoS 4chan and 8chan
The perpetrator remains unknown