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The real reason Gawker is falling apartThe battle at Gawker is a war for the soul of the Internet
It's a battle we'll see again and again.
feet in bed.jpg (4288×2848)We don't have a right to know who's cheating on Ashley Madison
No one likes a cheater, but that doesn't mean we should expose them.
reddit alien looking happyReddit will save itself from the garbage people
The good people on Reddit deserve a better platform.
NewspapersGawker becomes first major online media company to join a labor union
Company's 118 employees will join Writers Guild of America East.
elian gonzalez is hotElian Gonzalez got hot, and the Internet is freaking out about it
He made headlines 15 years ago for a famous custody battle. Now he's making headlines for a very different reason.
How Twitter has stripped pop culture of its context and nuance
No form of culture, no matter how self-explanatory, will escape unscathed.
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