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dog with a targeting reticule over it Why was a New York dog walker on an ISIS hit list?
An everyday New Yorker finds out she's on the ISIS hit list.
abstract art of apple and fbi logo Supreme Court approves rule change expanding FBI's hacking powers
But critics say it will make Americans less safe.
abstract art of FBI logo Former Tor developer created malware for the FBI to hack Tor users
Operation Torpedo netted 19 convictions and counting and at least 25 de-anonymized individuals.
Apple iPhone 5c FBI says it won't submit tool used to hack San Bernardino iPhone for disclosure review
Apple is sure to be disappointed by this decision.
illustration of the white house, an iphone, the apple logo, and the fbi logo 'Crypto Wars' timeline: A history of the new encryption debate
Get up to speed on encryption with a thorough timeline of the events that brought us to this point.