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notebook paper with the wifi logo drawn in pen Encryption does not allow criminals and terrorists to 'go dark,' Harvard study finds
Technology is making it easier to catch the bad guys, the authors found.
oregon militia FBI releases unedited video of Oregon milita spokesman's fatal shooting
'LaVoy' Finicum was moving erratically before being fatally shot.
Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson Senate Homeland Security chair backs strong encryption, criticizes backdoors
Sen. Ron Johnson is the highest-ranking lawmaker to oppose backdoors.
man handcuffed FBI and Oregon police keeping details of armed militant's death under wraps for now
It's the armed occupiers fault one of them is dead, the FBI said.
fbi The FBI operated one of the largest child porn websites for nearly 2 weeks
The site reportedly had more than 250,000 users.
glitched image of computer The FBI has named a suspect in the huge Celebgate leaks of 2014
The FBI alleges Majerczyk accessed over 330 iCloud accounts.