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illustration of a key lodging itself into a computer U.S. can't ban encryption because it's a global phenomenon, Harvard study finds
The U.S. isn't the only country that makes crypto.
illustration of a key lodging itself into a computer The site that was hosting a 'hacked' FBI database has gone dark
An FBI spokesman neither confirmed nor denied the Bureau's involvement.
Intelligence agency logo heads meeting FBI director invokes San Bernardino attack in defense of anti-encryption narrative
James Comey denied wanting a 'backdoor' but said that some kind of encryption workaround was needed.
glitch image of department of justice Mystery hacker releases names of more than 20,000 FBI staffers
It's the work of a pro-genetalia, pro-Buzz Lightyear, pro-Palestinian account.
notebook paper with the wifi logo drawn in pen Encryption does not allow criminals and terrorists to 'go dark,' Harvard study finds
Technology is making it easier to catch the bad guys, the authors found.
oregon militia FBI releases unedited video of Oregon milita spokesman's fatal shooting
'LaVoy' Finicum was moving erratically before being fatally shot.