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Drone Task force tells FAA to include small drones in registration rules
The task force believes that very small drones can still do serious damage if they strike a person or plane.
photo of a drone flying Drone users will have to register with the U.S. government
Drones are moving out of the hands of the people.
NFL stadium from above NFL wins FAA permission for limited filming in football stadiums
The NFL scores from above.
Crew Dragon Pad Abort Test The U.S. has the world's largest private space industry—now what?
Regulating spaceflights poses new challenges for the FAA.
The Navy has figured out a way to pilot 50 drones at once
'The notion of the drone swarm is that the whole is greater than sum of parts.'
FTC announces PrivacyCon for January The FTC will host a conference about your privacy and security
PrivacyCon will bring together leaders across government, academia, and tech.