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The International Dota 2 shuffle continues with Empire, Aui 2000
The latest round of changes involve one of Europe’s best Dota 2 squads.
Bookmakers Major bookmaker opens esports book, boasts 'high four figure bets'
If you thought esports betting wasn't already big, you can now bet on World of Tanks.
Alliance drops Pajkatt, adjusts to life under Valve's new tournament structure
Big changes are coming to one of Dota 2's most storied teams.
crowd at the international Post-TI Dota 2 roster reshuffling creeps into Asia
The annual sweeping changes that follow Dota 2’s biggest event of the year have hit again.
C9 Dota Cloud9 parts ways with Dota 2 roster
The post-TI bloodletting has begun.
gaming notebook stock Esports are coming to high school—in Sweden
Want to spend your high school classroom hours training for video game competitions?
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