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mvp art Korean side MVP Phoenix wins another international Dota tournament
It seems the new patch has worked in favor for the Korean’s aggressive playstyle.
Navi Dota 2 logo Na`Vi distances itself from MMR boosting, will investigate its streamer
The Dota 2 community is not happy with Natus Vincere.
Esports org Mineski is threatening legal action against some of its former players in either League of Legends or Dota 2 Mineski threatens legal action against former players
It appears the announcement is directed at Carlo "Kuku" Palad.
WePlay's Season 3 for Dota 2 is underway Na`Vi and Vega undefeated on day one of the WePlay Season 3 LAN finals
Both teams are dominating the competition.
Dota 2 Manila Major Valve increases team slots for the Dota 2 major by four
The teams for the Manila Major have been announced.
Wings Gaming Wings scored one of the biggest upsets in recent Dota 2 history over the weekend
One of the most surprising Dota 2 tournament results in the past two years just happened.