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coinye.jpg (1440×720) Kanye West emerges victorious in Coinye court case
Yeezus triumphs in the most important court battle of our time. 
Kim Kardashian | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Forget about Coinye—now there's Kim Coindashian
Enjoy it while you can.
imgur: the simple image sharer The battle over Nyancoin: How a cat meme inspired a cryptocurrency war
After a contentious beginning, Nyancoin is here. Will it soar like Dogecoin or flame out like Coinye?
coinye.jpg (1440×720) Kanye West should've let Coinye finish
Yeezus is a masterpiece, and West's music gets better every year, but I'm burned out on the noise. 
Screen_Shot_2014-01-12_at_11.03.09_AM.png (1099×678) Coinye had the best possible response to Kanye West's legal threats
Coinye: When imitation becomes mockery.
btc-spraypaint.jpg (1440×720) Why Dogecoin and Coinye are the best thing to happen to Bitcoin
Chief among the questions surrounding Bitcoin is the most basic: How does it work?