Twitter shows support for the 2012 Olympics with #1yeartogo

There’s a new Olympic sport: competitive tweeting.

Well, not really but close. With just one year to go before the start of the 2012 London Summer games, a new Twitter competition is encouraging fans to voice their support for their favorite country.

Twitter users are encouraged to use the #1yeartogo hashtag to shout out the country they support. The companion website, called “One Year to Go,” makes it easy for fans to tweet and pick their favorite team. The site then ranks which countries have the most support with an interactive picture.

Currently, Brazil leads with 21 percent of the tweets, followed by Great Britain at a close 20 percent of tweets and United States in third place with just 12 percent of tweets. More than 44,000 tweets have been tallied.

Many of the tweets show support for their home countries. For example, one user tweeted the #USA is going to rock London 2012!”

While the hashtag is not trending worldwide, or even in the United Kingdom, keywords like “London Olympics” and “Olympic Games” are trending in the UK.

The hashtag will get major promotion as the organizers plans to display it at various Olympic venues and London buildings, like the BT Tower.

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