Tired of inane tweets, members of an activist hacker collective have created a tool for inserting their own point of view into popular chatter on Twitter.
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Anonymous is doxing KKK members (and I'm OK with it)
Can doxing be used for good? It seems like an odd question in a year when the prominent outing of personal details about women in gaming has become major news; of course we should oppose doxing! No one should be threatened with the release of personally identifying information! But that changes when the target of said outing is a booster of a major hate group: the KKK, an organization that has thrived in no small part because of its secretiveness. It’s easy to make raciali...
Anonymous hacker floods ISIS Twitter accounts with gay porn
Wauchula Ghost, a member from the hacktivist collective Anonymous, has found an innovative way to troll ISIS following the Orlando shooting—by giving the terrorist organization's Twitter accounts gay makeovers.

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