Orlando victim takes first steps—but may have had his data compromised

orlando victim walking

Screengrab via Angel Coon / Facebook Remix by Max Fleishman

Hospital employees reportedly looked at victims' personal information.

Recently, Angel Colon, a victim in the Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub, took his first steps without assistance since the shooting.

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The moment was beautifully celebrated on Facebook, with more than 7,400 likes and 3,000 shares. However, Colon and other victims could have more to worry about than just recovery. 

According to a report from WESH2, Pulse shooting victims’ data was compromised by Orlando Health hospital as they were being treated. It appears Orlando Health employees “gave in to their personal curiosities,” and accessed victims’ data, though it’s unclear what sort of information they would have access to. There is currently one survivor of the Pulse shooting still in the hospital. 

In a statement, Orlando Health told the Daily Dot, "Numerous team members across our system require access to vital records and information in order to provide our patients with the highest levels of care... As a result of this incident, we are re-educating our workforce members and increasing our already vigilant program of auditing and monitoring of patient record access." The hospital also said steps are being taken to discipline those involved.

Meanwhile, those curious about how Colon and other victims are recuperating, can check out Colon's Facebook page, where he posts photos of his recovery and news about other survivors. In one post about another shooting victim, a friend asked if he had seen any of the money from the GoFundMe for the Pulse victims, which was the most successful GoFundMe campaign ever. “They're waiting on claims. Everything is taking long,” he wrote. “Yea my recovery is going to take months. I literally can't work til next year in order for my metal rod to heal properly.”
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